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At our Ocean Stores, inspired by the sea and the people who share this love for the sea and each one being unique with its own character and story shining through, we are committed to sharing our passion and lifestyle.

You will find clothes and accessories, photographs of our ambassadors and their adventures, surfers and their conquests, fascinating marine objects, open stories and snippets of bar conversations, all telling of their own experiences of the sea and life by the coast.

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This great new store caters to all kinds of sea-goers: surfers, sailors, windsurfers and more, whether they live and work far from the coast or are simply stopping in Paris on their way to a seaside destination.

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In a unique setting in the heart of old Barcelona a city famed for its stunning sea setting, which, coupled with fantastic weather, is the most fantastic waterfront location.

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Ocean Store Bordeaux Logo

Located in the historic heart of Bordeaux alongside the celebrated Atlantic port with its strong Maritime traditions it truly is an ideal destination for sailing and surfing.

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Ocean Store Crozon Logo

In a charming Southern Finistere style house, ideally located by the waters edge on the small port of Morgat, Hoalen is now firmly established on the Crozon peninsula – the renowned surf destination in Brittany.

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Ocean Store La Trinité Logo

This cabin on the quayside enjoys a wonderful view of the port of La Trinité sur Mer; with its rich sailing heritage it has been the perfect destination for generations of famous sailors, high class regattas and surfers from the Quiberon peninsula.

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Ocean Store Brest Logo

With its strong maritime traditions and the romantic call of sea journeys and escape, the imposing Port De Bretagne is the superb location for our store here with its stunning floating tree trunk elevating the experience.

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Ocean Store Kelerdut Logo

The very first Hoalen Ocean Store can be found in a charming renovated boathouse, nestling in a bay in the Pays des Abers region, opposite the lighthouse of L’ile Vierge, utterly original, authentic and drawing inspiration from the maritime past of Northern Finistere this was the birthplace of the Hoalen brand.

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