Warm and breathable
Warm and breathable
Warm and breathable
Warm and breathable
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Inner layer in ultra-breathable and soft merino wool. Selected for its breathable and insulating properties, merino wool is capable of regulating heat. Unlike synthetic materials, it is anti-microbial, fights odours and absorbs moisture - allowing the wearer to remain dry while exercising.
Its qualities make this ultra-breathable and soft garment the perfect inner layer for any outdoor sporting activity.

Warm and breathable

Fitted cut but highly flexible fibre and stretched ribbed fabric. Round neck, flat seams to avoid friction during movement. Hoalen and seaweed logos respectively printed on the chest and at the top of the back.

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For our performance range, Hoalen has developed practical products specifically suited to physical outdoor activities on temperate coasts. Hoalen has carefully selected top high performance materials for each product in our Explore range.


100% Merino Wool, 1/1 ribs.

Made in Portugal.

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