Lauryn Alvarez's Collection

Collab with the artist

Lauryn Alvarez, painter and textile graphic designer, lives on the west coast of the USA.

We came across her work because our eyes were drawn to her solar and organic universe, her unfurled forms, her animals with half-closed eyes, her characters with elastic bodies, her nods to the ocean as well as her colour palette inspired by the 70s. Lauryn agreed to create 4 aquatic (or coastal) characters for Hoalen to dress a small series of tshirts and sweatshirts: Surfy the elegant surfer with elastic shapes, Whaly the sleeping whale, Fishy the gliding fish and Birdy the stoic bird.

Lauryn tells us more: "My love of graphic design stems from my love of doodling and creating fun fonts. I love mixing shapes with type and words, creating scenes and worlds that can exist on more than just canvas, including clothing. I have always lived by the ocean. I would say it is my favorite place. Being in the sun, emerging from the water, observing nature all around and how it affects me emotionally and spiritually really touches me. Even though I don't always directly reference the ocean or surfing in my work, this lifestyle influences a lot of what I create. I accepted this collaboration with Hoalen because I really felt a sense of understanding and respect, both me with them and them with me. Plus, it's always great to work with friends from other countries! I am very happy for this opportunity."