Cold water 7°-12°
Cold water 7°-12°
Cold water 7°-12°
Cold water 7°-12°
Cold water 7°-12°
Cold water 7°-12°
Cold water 7°-12°
noire 4 ultra cold water
€316.67 HT
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The Noire 4 "Ultra Cold Water" hooded wetsuit has been designed for the coldest waters, typically between 7 and 12 degree Celcius. With a thickness of 6mm on the torso, 5mm on thighs, and 4mm on the rest of the body, this is our warmest wetsuit you will always be toasty in, even when temperatures hit ground level. Its thermal qualities are ideal for winter sessions of surfing, kitesurfing, or windsurfing.

For the 1st version of Hoalen Ultra Cold Water wetsuit, significant changes have been made to the previous Noire 3 to make it even warmer, more efficient and suitable for our enthusiasts' expectations.
First of all, all seams are triple glued, blind-stitched and taped with an anti-irritation ruban on the inside to make them robust and to limit water inflows. On the outside of the seams, a liquid plastic tape adds an additional barrier to cold water entries, and make the seam even stronger.
The entry fit and general flex of the wetsuit have been improved with the use of an ultra stretch calcareous neoprene, which is one of the most flexible on the market.
The glue used to assemble the wetsuit panels is solvent-free, and therefore more respectful of the environment and the professionals who hand-make it.
The neoprene of the Noire 4 Ultra Cold Water is still made of limestone, and the outer lining is made of polyester which is 100% recycled.
The polyester inner lining is brushed for better thermal insulation, comfort and faster drying properties.
The opening system has also been redesigned, with the use of an asymmetrical front zip that now closes from the outside to the inside. This reduces water inflows as well as the chances of openings during your session.
The wetsuit keeps its reinforced knee pads that increase resistance to abrasion.
Elasticity is reduced at the wrists and ankles to further limit water entries.

Hoalen logo printed on chest and Hoalen seaweed logo printed on the shoulder, back.
Also available in all Hoalen Ocean Stores.


Heavy: 6/5/4 mm


Thickness of neoprene at the trunk (torso and back) : 6mm
Thickness of neoprene at legs: 5mm for warmth
Thickness of neoprene legs & hood: 4mm for flexibility


Latest generation ultra-stretch neoprene based on limestone dyed black in the mass.
Exterior: 87% recycled polyester -13% spandex
Interior: 61% nylon - 33% 100% recycled polyester - 6% brushed and embossed spandex, except at arm level


Made in Taiwan


Rinse the Noire ultra Cold Water after each session to prolong its life, keep its flexibility and prevent premature wear of the zip.
Regularly disinfect your neoprene suit with a suitable shampoo.
Store your suit away from the sun and preferably rolled rather than folded. Hanging it too long on a hanger can deform it.
Dry it first on the inside and then on the outside, away from direct heat sources (heating).
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