Half-high socks
Half-high socks
Half-high socks
Half-high socks
Half-high socks
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Both warm and breathable, the Lae sock was designed to fit both men and women.


To make this model, Hoalen used a wool (35%), cashmere (5%), viscose (27%) and polyamide fibers (33%) knit. Four materials that work very well together, cashmere and viscose bringing softness, polyamide and wool, strength. The yarn used is lined to bring robustness to the sock and, thus, resist friction durably.


Hoalen sock models are ideal for your outdoor activities. They provide the necessary comfort, fit and warmth while protecting the foot well. In addition to being thick, the Lae sock has excellent breathability qualities: thanks to its absorbent fibers, the wool in the sock has the pleasant characteristic of keeping the feet dry during the summer, or the effort, and warm during the winter.


"Hoalen" logo printed under the sole of the foot.


Mid-calf height 20 cm
Measurement taken from the middle of the heel to the top of the sock


35% wool
33% polyamide
27% viscose
5% cashmere


Made in Portugal


Machine washable at 30°
Air dry
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