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Heavy leather
Heavy leather
Heavy leather
Heavy leather
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The Miego belt is a model for men or women made of top-of-the-range calf leather.
With vegetable tanning, your belt will be stiffer, stronger and firmer. It gives it a natural shade and a deep, nuanced colour. Vegetable tanning is a treatment process without any chemicals.
The choice of thick leather and vegetable tanning gives the Miego belt a good fit and better resistance to moisture.
Your belt will age well and become more beautiful over the years.
Thick leather belt, metal buckle. "Hoalen since 2006" logo embossed on the inside and Hoalen algae logo embossed on the front.


Medium, thickness 3 mm


Width: 1,25 inches
Measure your belt length from the end of the buckle to the middle hole. If the number of holes is even, measure untill between the two middle holes.


Smooth calfskin, vegetable tanned


Made in Portugal


Oil once a year
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