hoalen boardshorts

For 15 years, Hoalen has created sturdy and elegant clothing for life in the ocean and on the coast. Board shorts are the perfect symbol/perfect ambassador for this ocean adventure, embodying the very essence of the French brand. A timeless basic, these indestructible trunks are built to withstand summers of surfing. Made in France with partners who are a source of pride for our brand.

Squaring the circle

Surfers have an eye for style. If they only cared about technical aspects, they would probably wear tight shorts to practice their sport. But they want more: swimwear as comfortable in the water as it is fashionable on land, to be worn for a session or for the day. A piece that symbolizes the art of living in contact with the sea. Hoalen board shorts perfectly reflect this philosophy.

Designed with pinpoint precision

When we decided to make surf trunks without elastane, to improve the durability and style, we knew we needed a pattern with pinpoint precision. This is why we developed Hoalen Board Shorts with the Kerdier workshop in Saint Malo. This small company specializes in complex products, including flight suits for fighter pilots and jackets for skippers. With a retro style as our inspiration, the original Californian board shorts from the 60s, Hoalen designed an elegant and timeless cut with a mid-thigh length and the right fit to ensure freedom of movement. Its secret: lining that slides against the outer canvas to prevent chafing.

Made in France

With raw materials manufactured near Lyon and assembled in Saint-Malo, Hoalen Board Shorts are French right down to their drawstrings (from Cholet). This was a conscious choice for the brand, and we are proud to offer a garment made entirely in France. However, Hoalen remains committed to selecting suppliers based on their expertise and quality rather than their nationality. Our first priority is to ensure the durability of our products to ensure a long life span and reduce their environmental impact.

Birth certificate

Hoalen was born in 2006 in Kelerdut, a village located on the coast of northern Finistère, with a desire to serve the coastal lifestyle in its outdoor adventures, and especially those connected to the sea. The brand’s ambassadors of all ages and nationalities embody this lifestyle combining simplicity, well-being and self-transcendence. For 14 years, the brand has proposed timeless and durable apparel and accessories at our French Ocean Stores and internationally through a network of selected shops.