Mikey De Temple

Mikey De Temple

Longboarder & Skipper

Mikey De Temple is a New York-based filmmaker, photographer and professional surfer. The son of a fisherman, Mikey grew up on Long Island in the northeast United States. His parents met through surfing and exposed Mikey to a life in harmony with the rhythms of the ocean.

At the age of 18, Mikey joined the World Longboard Tour, a seven-year journey of exploration and competition around the world. During his travels, Mikey became passionate about representing his adventures through film and photography.

The director takes a fresh approach to the art of longboarding in his first film Picaresque released in 2009. His next film Sight / Sound became the best selling surf film of 2011.

His role at Hoalen is not only limited to the role of ambassador, Mikey is also an artistic collaborator who brings his creativity in the construction of the brand's collections.