British Millerain

Rochdale, United Kingdom
Manufactured goods
Outdoor Jackets
4 years
British Millerain was founded in 1880 by a small group of workers and academics in Yorkshire, UK. The factory is specialized in the development of waterproof fabrics and has a long history of quality and weather-resistant fabrics.

It was initially with the goal of improving our historic "Mariner" sailor jacket that we brought British Millerain and its expertise in the mix.

Originally for sailors

Indeed, this British company has been serving sailors for over 100 years now. In fact, it was built on a historical need of these sea workers.

Since the beginning of the profession on the small trawlers of the English coast, these men are at the mercy of rain, wind and waves. Their boats and equipment offered little protection against the elements. Thus, the quality of their work and sometimes even their survival depended on the quality of their clothing.

These first sailors then found a way to protect them from the elements: until then made from simple torn cotton sails, they had the idea of rubbing them with oil, particularly linseed oil. Once the oil had impregnated the fabric, they noticed that it prevented wind and moisture from breaking through the garment.
This revolutionary idea of applying various finishes to a basic fabric marked the beginning of generations of waterproof and water-resistant fabrics. It also marked the beginning of British Millerain's history as one of the first British companies to leverage this new concept of coated and waxed fabrics.

With materials originally created for life at sea and on the coast, it was natural for Hoalen to reach out to such a specialist, whether to improve its Mariner jackets, or to develop new pieces of coastal gear.

World-recognized know-how

Today, the company has expanded worldwide, providing high-end fabrics for a wide variety of clothing needs. Their rugged fabrics are used to dress a variety of sectors, from the military to rural or coastal activities, to outdoor enthusiasts around the world. The combination of over a century of expertise and the latest advances in chemistry and technology has enabled them to become the market leader in creating next generation waxed cottons that are highly functional, easy to care for and even machine washable.

British Millerain now works with a number of prestigious partners, such as the brands Barbour (UK) or even Filson (USA).

Responsible manufacturing

Eventually, the cotton they use comes from suppliers approved by the Better Cotton Initiative ( BCI certificate n° 1005045 ). The BCI helps provide farmers with the skills necessary for sustainable agriculture, helping to provide a suitable workplace, maintain soil integrity, reduce wastewater, and limit the use of the most harmful pesticides/insecticides.

By purchasing products made with British Millerain cotton fabrics, you are supporting these BCI farmers who are committed to preserving the environment and implementing decent working conditions.