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Tirupur, India
Manufactured goods
Tee-shirts - Polos - Sweat-shirts - Joggers
18 years
We have known Anand since 2004. At the time he was coordinating textile production for major brands. His expertise and rigour are what made us want to work with him as soon as we established Hoalen in 2006.

Clothing designed to last

It was Anand and his team who worked patiently with us to develop our T-shirts, polo shirts, and sweatshirts through the seasons, with the desire to create clothing that was both durable and beautiful. His attention to detail and quality standards allowed us, test after test, to work with him to create the clothing we were dreaming of: heavier-weight fabric, guaranteed to stand the test of time, a special washing process for softness and a slightly worn look, and a garment dyeing process offering vintage colours.

Tirupur, textile ecosystem

Anand’s workshop is located in the city of Tirupur, in the Tamil Nadu region. After years of working with small, partner factories, Anand started his own workshop in 2016. He now employs roughly thirty people for tailoring activities. At Tirupur, an entire local ecosystem has formed near the cotton fields: knitters, washers, dyers, garment makers, each small workshop has its own specialty and area of expertise.
In this city, where day labour and piece work are the norm, and the best and worst scenarios can be found, Anand has succeeded in hiring teams and building loyalty. Through higher than average wages, comfortable working conditions and training opportunities, he has prioritized quality and a long-term mindset.

GOTS label

Anand's workshop has been GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified since September 2021. This independent label is one of the most demanding in the textile industry. It guarantees environmentally friendly production and transformation processes, the use of organic fibres and respect for working conditions. All hazardous inputs (toxic heavy metals, aromatic solvents, etc.) are prohibited.

Almost half of our garments leave Anand's workshops every year. This is a great source of pride for him and for us.

“With Hoalen we have built a strong relationship as a family rather than a supplier.“ -Anand