Saint-malo, France
Manufactured goods
6 years
We met Nicole Marchand 3 years ago, when we were looking for a French partner to help us redesign the iconic board shorts, first born in California in the 1960s. This is staple we always want to come back to, regardless of the current fashion.

Manufacturing the extreme

Kerdier manufactures extreme products. This small workshop established in Saint Malo in 1982, specializes in complex products and techniques, including flight suits for fighter pilots and jackets for sail racing. 

Board shorts, revisited

They perfectly master pattern-making and materials. With Mrs. Marchand, we were able to reinvent ideal and timeless board shorts, with pinpoint precision. From thin lining to prevent chafing, to a modified belt that adapts to the surfer’s positions and indestructible seams inspired by sailing materials, each detail was carefully considered.


A pair of board shorts produced by Kerdier is highly prized: with 3 to at most 6 people working at the machines, the workshop only produces small series. Expert seamstresses are rare these days and it takes time, a lot of time, to train them and transmit the company’s specific expertise. Premium quality and precision are non-negotiable.