Balasar, Portugal
Manufactured goods
Trousers, shorts
7 years
For several seasons now, we have entrusted MODCOM with our trousers and Bermuda shorts. This family-run workshop impressed us with their mastery of fabric design. No matter what we want to create, they are always ready with suggestions on the thickness and structure of the fabrics, which are primarily sourced from Portugal.

Fabric experts

For us, they accepted to make some exceptions to their rules for local sourcing, for example for a series of trousers made with corduroy fabric from the British army that we found in England, but they need no help in finding the best fabrics close to home.

Redesigning chinos

Together we were able to rework chinos, a staple of the male wardrobe. We wanted them to be extremely durable, the perfect trousers that would not age a bit, even after multiple washings.
We consulted with them to select fabric that would be strong and thick, to determine the cut and all the finishing touches, the small details that truly make our favourite pieces, and we are proud of the results!