Moon & Sons

Guiseley, United Kingdom
Manufactured goods
Wool tweed manufacturer since 1837
4 years
Founded in 1837 in Great Britain, Abraham Moon & Sons is today one of the last British mills to master the entire wool value chain, from raw material to fabric finishing.
Today, it is for the quality of the wool, its robustness and the timelessness of its fabrics that we have chosen to work with the company since 2020.

The history

The company's history began in 1837, when Abraham Moon started supplying many families in the county of Yorkshire with yarn to weave woollen sheets on handlooms in their homes. Once the cloth was woven, he collected the pieces and paid the weavers for their work. The cloth is then washed locally and dried in the surrounding fields. Moon then transported the pieces by horse and cart to Leeds, the nearest large city, to sell them at market.

In 1868, Moon built a three-storey mill near an abundant source of fresh water ideal for the washing required to make wool. Over the years, the mill gradually expanded to include all stages of production, from raw wool to dyeing, carding, spinning, warping, weaving and finally finishing the fabrics.

During the First World War, Moon supplied the fabrics needed to make shirts, trousers and coats for the British army. Then, during the 20th century, it knew how to adapt to all fashions by offering fabrics that were in keeping with current tastes.

Unrivalled tweed quality

During the 1990s, the wool industry faced increased competition from synthetic fabrics. While many mills tried unsuccessfully to compete on price, Moon focused on quality and moved into the luxury market, taking advantage of its mastery of manufacturing that only an integrated mill can offer. Major international brands such as Burberry, Paul Smith and Ralph Lauren have remained loyal to the company.