Saint-Julien Saint-Alban, France
Manufactured goods
European leader in elastic yarns and fabrics since 1965
14 years

Surfing naked

In 2010, the PAYEN group, a French specialist in technical elastic fabrics based in the Rhône Alpes region, crossed our path, under the name ESF at the time. We had in mind to create a boardshort so light, so elastic and so quick to dry that it could give the surfers who adopted it the illusion of surfing naked. With this crazy idea in mind, ESF offered us one of their water-repellent, particularly elastic and extremely light DryTech fabrics to make the famous black boardshort called HO.

Woolprene, an innovative alternative to lightweight neoprene

More recently, far from wanting to strip surfers or rowers of all kinds, our idea was on the contrary to cover them as well as possible while offering them an innovative alternative to light neoprene. To do this, we once again called on PAYEN's expertise, who suggested that we pioneer the use of Woolprene, a double-sided warp and weft fabric with an inner side made of merino wool loops, which is ultra-light, more breathable and uses less oil than neoprene of 1.5 mm or less thickness.

PAYEN innovation for the Explore range

Already proven in some sports applications such as triathlon, swimming and cycling we decided to use this material to revisit two great classics of our Explore technical range, namely the Bikini Suit for women and the Top Man for men, both perfectly adapted to the practice of water sports such as surfing, rowing or swimming in warm to temperate waters.