Taiwan, Vietnam, China
Manufactured goods
12 years
For a technical product like a wetsuit, nothing can be left to chance. This is especially true for those who surf year-round on the coast of northern Finistère.

Japanese Beginnings

We tested neoprene for the first time ten years ago, with the Japanese workshop Maxim. Japan has a true culture of excellence in custom-made wetsuits. They produced our small series of retro tops to perfection.
But we wanted to take things step further and offer a wider range of wetsuits. We wanted an understated appearance, durability, comfort and the perfect cut.

Sheico, a reference in textiles

Working with SHEICO was a priority for us. The name may not sound familiar, but it is the number one reference when it comes to neoprene wetsuits. 
Approximately 7 out of 10 wetsuits in the world come from their workshops, including those produced by Patagonia, Xcel and Quiksilver.

Pattern-making and R&D

Our friend Igor Moinet, specialized in designing patterns for neoprene wetsuits, helped us create our first pattern. This opened the door for us to work with this specialist who selects his customers carefully.
Season after season, we have worked with the engineers to refine our models, taking advantage of their active R&D practices.

Limestone Neoprene

We worked with them to select limestone neoprene, produced from limestone, which boasts the same qualities as those of petroleum-based neoprene.

With each new version, we fine-tune our wetsuits to ensure optimum performance and durability thanks to our partnership with this leader in the field.