Hoalen Ocean Store Paris

Having already opened 6 of our own stores, mainly along the coast, we recently decided to launch a new Hoalen Ocean Store in Paris. This great new store caters to all kinds of sea-goers: surfers, sailors, windsurfers and more, whether they live and work far from the coast or are simply stopping in Paris on their way to a seaside destination.
We think this is a unique location in the Latin Quarter of Paris. And what's more, the name of the street seems fortuitous for a brand born in Brittany: 17 rue des Quatre Vents (street of the Four Winds). Combining a concept store, coffee shop and one of the rare surf shops in Paris, our store features profiles of our ambassadors and their exploits alongside our ranges of clothing for men, women and children, technical clothing, longboards and neoprene wetsuits. Add to that the unique maritime objects, books to flick through and snatches of conversation overheard around the bar, this great hang-out spot speaks of sea-going experiences, stories of the waves, and a shared coastal lifestyle.


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Dear customers, Our Ocean store will be fully closed for renovations. You can shop our Fall/Winter collection on our website www.hoalen.com See you soon, Hoalen Paris's crew


17 rue des 4 vents
75006 Paris, France


Louis : Born and raised in Paris, Brittany enthusiast, I travel and explore the Atlantic coast and its landscapes. On one of its many paths, I discovered Hoalen and its salty community, and spontaneously settled in the Ocean Store in Paris, which reminds me of the inshore and peaceful lifestyle of Brittany.