Fafe, Portugal
Manufactured goods
Sweaters - Vests - Beanies - Scarves
8 years
Five years ago, one of our French suppliers gave us this name: Elmate, a small factory in the Porto region known for their technical expertise, especially in complicated operations such as grafting (assembling knit pieces). This type of expertise is currently hard to come by in France.

Knit specialists

Belem and her husband Abilio founded Elmate in 1988. The small company is specialized in knitted fabrics. From pattern-making to knitting on flat-knitting machines to washing and assembling, Elmate has cultivated their unique expertise, a true commitment to quality and complete reliability.

They immediately won us over with their attentiveness and advice. They are unparalleled in their ability to make our desires a reality, producing knits that are both durable and elegant, made to be worn and to last.

Noble yarns

The workshop works primarily with Italian yarn, renowned for its premium quality. Our jumpers, hats and scarves are either made with a single material (Merino wool for winter, cotton in summer) or a combination of noble yarns (such as wool, silk and cashmere, to add softness and flexibility). 

A continuing adventure

Around forty people now work for Elmate, alongside Abilio and Belem, and the future is in safe hands. Their daughter, Elsa, recently left her career in banking to join the family adventure.