Waterproof 67L
Waterproof 67L
Waterproof 67L
Waterproof 67L
Waterproof 67L
Waterproof 67L
Waterproof 67L
dry sailor bag
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Our Sailor Bag offers waterproof protection on long trips. The rolled top, when closed with the side buckle straps, prevents water from entering, so your gear stays dry.

Constructed with 660 gsm nylon tarp fabric coated with thermoplastic polyurethane (Tpu), water simply cannot penetrate this large bag. The advantages of using nylon fabric with this coating are light weight, flexibility and abrasion resistance. The highly flexible Tpu coating is resistant to chemicals and ultraviolet rays, ensuring durability and longevity without breakage from heavy use.

The roll-up closure is simple, effective and reliable: when the Velcro closure is rolled up 3 times on itself and the side buckles are closed, the waterproofness is assured. With a capacity of 67 liters, it is designed for long expeditions and bulky items. The removable shoulder strap is adjustable and has a neoprene pad for comfort when carrying. The 5 cm wide webbing handles wrap around the circumference of the bag to accommodate even the heaviest of loads.

To organize small items, the front features a zippered pocket.


Waterproof roll-up and hook-and-loop closure on top, nylon handles wrap underneath the bag for carrying heavy loads, removable and adjustable shoulder strap with padding, zippered pocket on front


Heavy: 660 gsm


Fabric: Nylon with TPU clear coating
Straps: nylon
Accessories: high-density plastic


Made in China


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