Sincerely made for coastal generations.
We surf, we sail, we paddle, we fish and we design what we wear : durable and timeless products, professionally manufactured in limited quantities by like-minded people. Our Ocean Stores are inspiring and welcoming, dedicated to our salted community and their way of life.
Vision and mission

To design and distribute clothing, equipment and products that are fit for ocean sports and life on their shores. To clothe, inspire and reconnect an international community of discerning, influential adults who have an emotional, sporting or professional relationship with the ocean.

To use our economic and creative activity to stimulate and contribute to the rationalisation of our consumption patterns: Produce better and consume less, thicker, simpler, more repairable, more resistant, more sustainable.


Hoalen has grown out of the desire of a committed team to build businesses on the coast and to provide a grown-up alternative to existing boardsports brands. From surfers to sailors, we provide all lovers of ocean sports with elegant, understated clothing, equipment and products that are both reliable and long-lasting.
At Hoalen, we promote coastal lifestyles, and our products are geared towards this environment. In this way, we are creating a community of influential adults who are passionate about ocean sports and looking for meaning in their lives.

We create unique, iconic spaces for shopping, sharing and experiencing.

Hoalen Fathers and Sons, Guéthary, FR

We have established unique events such as the "Hoalen Fathers & Sons" intergenerational surfing competition, and we support a number of sporting projects.
The many different coastlines with their various lifestyles, people, habitats, jobs and climates are a vital source of inspiration for our collections.
Classic sports such as surfing, sailing and canoeing all encourage exploration, emulation and moments of communion with the ocean. They all provide us with new ideas for our equipment.

Our ambassadors also provide us with a high degree of credibility. Some are pacesetters in France and abroad in sailing, surfing and paddling sports, while others are experts in art, architecture or photography – indeed, anything that relates to the ocean and its coasts.

Our ambassadors, sport legends or experimented "watermen", all share a mutual passion for the sea, exceptional achievements and a personal investment in the development of water sports.

They turned the ocean into a playground, and the coast into a living paradise. They not only let Hoalen use their stories and faces, they also have the ambition to promote a coastal way of life based on self-fulfillment and everyday's challenges.

Arthur de Kersauson, ambassador
Manufacturing workshop, Saint-Malo, FR

We do not choose our production partners based on their nationality, but solely based on the objective criteria of expertise, the supply of materials and production capacity. Regardless of the country of manufacture, we prioritise our suppliers’ commitment to do the right thing as well as to comply with the manufacturing conditions we require.
Above all, we develop a human, sincere and lasting relationship with each of them, and for some of them for over ten years now. As part of this, we spend between two and three months each year with our suppliers.

We manufacture in the Bangalore and Tiruppur regions of India, Porto in Portugal, Roanne and Saint Malo in France, in China and in Taiwan.


Going beyond the brand, we have set up a new French company born in Finistère, bundled skills by creating 30 jobs, and set up a design and supply chain that is both reliable and socially responsible.

Our corporate culture lies at the heart of how we build our brand: we live and work close to the ocean, in a natural environment that we treat with respect. Our colleagues, partners and ambassadors all share those values and ways of living.

This corporate culture is the source of our creativity and development; it guarantees the truthfulness of our products, a responsible supply chain and gives us credibility in the eyes of our customers.

By staying true to these values over the last ten years, we have built a company that we are proud to work in, and a brand that inspires new customers, co-workers and entrepreneurs every single day.

Lilia, Finistère, FR