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Seal Grey
dry backpack 28l

95 €
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Designed for effective waterproof protection, our Dry Backpack comfortably carries your gear and keeps it dry in all wet conditions. Constructed with 660 gsm nylon tarp fabric coated with thermoplastic polyurethane (Tpu), water simply can't penetrate it. This coated nylon fabric is lightweight, flexible and abrasion resistant. The Tpu coating is ultraviolet and chemical resistant, ensuring durability and longevity without breakage from heavy use.

Our Dry Backpack is designed to be comfortable and functional. The breathable back panel is foam padded for carrying comfort, and the adjustable, padded shoulder straps are anatomically curved to fit your body. Rings have been added to the shoulder straps to easily attach whistles or other equipment that requires immediate access. With a chest strap that is adjustable in position and width, loading will be secure without the straps slipping off your shoulders.

The top closure is a proven, reliable roll-up design. When the top is lowered three turns and the side tightening straps are tight, water cannot enter the bag. This closure system also allows the bag to be compressed according to the size of the load. To organize small items, the front has a zippered pocket and the interior has a stretchy, zippered mesh security pocket.


Waterproof roll-up and hook-and-loop top closure with center and side straps, breathable and padded back panel, adjustable and padded shoulder straps with sternum strap, exterior and interior zippered pockets


Heavy: 660 gsm


Height: 51 cm Width: 32 cm


Fabric: Nylon with TPU clear coating Straps: nylon Accessories: high-density plastic


Made in China


Rinse with clear water

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