Work at Hoalen

Since Hoalen launched in 2006, we’ve been piecing together the professional values that now shape our corporate culture.

We embarked on a collective process to set out these values, with which each and every one of our team committed to upholding them. Our values aren’t universal, and nor are they set in stone. They exist within the people we aim to welcome and nurture as part of our team, and can sometimes help us decide when it’s best to part ways. Our values guide us and lead the way in the decisions we take, inspiring and supporting each and every one of us throughout our time at Hoalen.

These six core values form the pillars of our company culture.

We respect our colleagues, our customers, our partners, and our environments

We look out for our staff, in both their presence and absence. We never say what we wouldn’t be comfortable voicing face to face.

We encourage our employees to strike a healthy work/life balance that nevertheless demonstrates a respect for the team and a commitment to our collective goals.

We make every effort to pay our staff a fair, justifiable, and equal wage in the regions where we are active.

We acknowledge and accept mistakes made by us and others, and work together to find the best way of ensuring they never happen again.

We look out for our customers, taking the time to get to know them and deepening our understanding of their expectations to bring them a truly exceptional experience.

We forge relationships built to last with our suppliers, partners, and ambassadors by ensuring they support our values.

We respect our work tools and workplaces, treating them with the same love and care we give over to our own.

Our work gets us up close and personal with nature, and we remain ever aware of the changes it faces. We work to protect the planet without using this as a marketing ploy.

We’re proactive and committed, and are comfortable with the idea of giving first, before seeking to receive

We are all committed to seeing the company reach new heights. We are effective in what we do, and experts in our field. Our staff know they can count on us.

We remain ambassadors of our teams’ reputation and our company’s image everywhere we go and at all times. We reject actions and words that run counter to our company’s values.

We challenge the status quo as part of our unwavering drive to do more, and better

The foundations of our company rest on a bedrock of difference. We cherish and nurture the boundless creativity, closeness, and unconventionality we pour into everything we do.

Our curiosity and imagination extend well beyond the regions where we are active. We challenge the status quo to grow our teams and take our tools and products to the next level.

How we perform as individuals and a whole elevates each and every one of us. We acknowledge and reward our successes and achievements.

Solidarity and team spirit are the links that bind us in the togetherness we put to work day after day

Each and every employee, irrespective of background or field, matters. There are no superstars here.

We take the time to listen and share, in structured meetings and off-the-cuff downtime, passing on everything our staff need to know to understand their role. We help our colleagues when they need it but also to better understand their daily life.

We prefer to talk things out rather than write them down, and do so wherever possible. We run a variety of team-building sessions on a regular basis.

We speak with one voice to our customers. We consistently use the word “we”. We see our ambassadors, partners and neighbors as an extension of our team. The decisions we make and the action we take always seek to further Hoalen’s interests.

We foster independence and empowerment, responsibility and freedom, in a supportive space

We shape, upgrade, share and spread a reference framework that underpins the cohesiveness we inject into everything we do.

We equip our staff with all the resources they need to do their job, and to do it well.

We learn from the obstacles we encounter along the way, drawing on evidence and authenticity in raising issues and criticism with staff and partners.

We prioritize information and decisions based on hard facts and solid data, while nevertheless valuing each person’s instinct and intuition. We go beyond the bare minimum of what we set out to achieve.

We take the time to build transparent, trust-based relationships with our staff, empowering them to reach independence in the work they do.

We’re natural optimists, and know how to appreciate what we have to better move forward

We spread our positive energy across our teams, sharing our enthusiasm and passion with our staff, customers, and partners.

We celebrate personal victories and team successes alike. We’re curious souls with a hunger for learning.

If these values resonate and strike you as something you’d like to be a part of, Hoalen might be the right fit for you.

The Hoalen team